Real Madrid chief defends Barcelona, causing uproar among loyal supporters

    The atmosphere has been heating up lately and between the two poles of Spanish football, Barcelona and Real Madrid, the heat has been heating up.

    This was due to a corruption arbitration case in which Barcelona were accused of paying money to a company owned by the former deputy chairman of the Negrera refereeing committee.

    Real Madrid president defends Barcelona and angers merengue fans

    In this regard, Ramon Calderon, the former president of Real Madrid, in an interview with Mundo Deportivo said: “Negrera’s case? I suffered with parallel trials, which is a mistake. When the case is in the hands of the judiciary and the competent federal authorities, you have to wait. We went through many cases with parallel trials and punishments in the news, and in the end it turned out that these things did not exist.

    And he continued: In the Negrera case, I believe that it is always necessary to observe the presumption of innocence, as a lawyer, I have always done so in the exercise of my profession and insist that this is in the hands of justice, and let them work quietly.

    And his opinion on the upcoming derby between Real Madrid and Barcelona: El Clasico? A Real Madrid victory in El Clasico will improve the chances of winning the league.

    And about his opinion about the referees during his presidency at the Royal Club: I did not notice anything unusual from the referees with Barcelona during my stay. We won the league after coming back by 8 or 9 points, so it would be easy for Them to hurt us if there was Barcelona’s refereeing support.

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