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Real Madrid assures spot in 2025 World Cup participation


Real Madrid will compete in the 2025 Club World Cup with 32 teams, according to press reports.

And FIFA previously announced an increase in the number of participants in the 2025 World Cup to 32, with 12 teams from the European continent participating.

Real Madrid ranks first in the league in terms of wins, having won it 5 times and won the fifth title at the expense of Al-Hilal from Saudi Arabia in the final match (3/5).

Real Madrid guarantee participation in the 2025 World Cup

And according to what the English newspaper The Athletic has published, Real Madrid and Chelsea will automatically be present in the extended edition of the 2025 Club World Cup.

This is because they are the last winners of the European Champions League, and as for the next tournament, it will be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 12 to 22 December 2023 with 7 clubs.

And the newspaper confirmed that the championship, starting in June 2025, will be with the participation of 32 teams, according to an agreement that was concluded in December last year.

“12” teams from the old continent participate, and “6” from the South American continent, as for the brown continent, it is represented by “4” clubs, the same on the Asian continent.

As for the North American continent, it is represented by “4” teams, one seat for the Oceania continent, and finally one seat for the host country of the tournament.


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