Real Madrid and CBF together with Atlético condemn the mistreatment of Vinicius Junior

    Real Madrid called on the authorities to bring to justice those responsible for the mistreatment of Vinicius Junior.

    On Thursday, Real Madrid host rivals Atlético Madrid in the Copa del Rey.

    Ahead of the match, photos were posted on social media showing a mannequin wearing a Vinicius T-shirt suspended by the neck from a bridge in the Spanish capital.

    This was condemned by Atlético Madrid, who released a statement saying: “Such actions are absolutely disgusting, unacceptable and a disgrace to society. Our condemnation of any action that infringes on the dignity of individuals or institutions is categorical and unconditional.”

    Madrid has now joined its neighbors in condemning what they call “a heinous act of racism, xenophobia and hatred”.

    The statement said: “Real Madrid would like to thank you for the support and expression of love received following the deplorable and heinous act of racism, xenophobia and hatred towards our player Vinicius.

    “We would like to express our strongest condemnation of these actions, which are an attack on the fundamental rights and dignity of people and have nothing to do with the values ​​that football and sport represent.

    “Attacks like those suffered by our player or any other athlete have no place in a society like ours.

    Real Madrid hopes that those involved in such a heinous act will be held accountable.”

    The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) also joined in the condemnation.

    “CBF categorically rejects the racist acts that Vinicius has once again suffered,” the statement said.

    “Intolerance and discrimination are not part of sport and must be eliminated from society. We hope that the perpetrators will be identified and punished according to the law.”

    La Liga called for a full investigation and prosecution of those responsible.

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