Raheem Sterling reveals he is 15 goals short of his 2019-20 season target


The England international has actually scored 20 goals in 39 appearances.

Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling states he was 15 goals short of his target when the Premier League season was suspended.

The England international had actually scored 20 goals in 39 appearances in all competitions when the campaign was ground to a stop by the coronavirus pandemic.

He was well on course to beat his tally of 25 the previous season, regardless of not scoring because December, however reckons he ought to currently have 30- plus to his name.

When the Premier League season was suspended (Nick Potts/PA)


Sterling had actually not scored because December.

“I would say probably I’m about 15 goals off where I want to be,” he stated. “Those are the targets, to attempt and produce great numbers however at the exact same time not simply have numbers to have numbers.

” At the end of the day you wish to have prizes to back up that season due to the fact that 10 years from now you can score a lot of goals, however if I can’t look back on those goals as being very important for my team and having a great worth then those goals were meaningless.

” It is one of those, to attempt and contribute as much as I can however at the end of the season have some medals to show for it.

” There are times where, even this season, it was December, I was on 20 goals and I was not pleased.

” I have not scored ever since and I think that is part of the pressure I have actually been placing on myself. At the exact same time, a lot of individuals have actually been stating, ‘He has actually been having an alright season’, however if you take a look at my output I am practically near improving my record from last season and last season I had a great season.

“It is one of those where I will try to push myself and even when the pressure gets a bit too much we keep going and keep striving.”

That decision to enhance and be much better is a mindset that Sterling states has actually been instilled into him at City.

“During my time at City, the most important thing I have learnt is the value of winning,” he added to the BBC. “Prior to it was, if I won a game then it was great and if I lost a game I was dissatisfied, however it does not burn you as much.

” Now, if we lose one game in 15 at City you would not like to be in the dressing space, it is like the worst thing in the world has actually occurred.

” I think that is a great surrounding to be in, that no one wishes to lose or accepts losing.

“I think that is the biggest thing I have learnt since I have been there and is something that I carry with me, not just in football but in anything I do, just that winning mentality to constantly want to win and to not take defeat for an answer.”

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