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Rafinha’s Unique Celebration of Spanish Title Victory


The star of Barcelona’s first football team, Rafinha Diaz, celebrated his team’s victory in the Spanish Championship in a special way.

Barça won La Liga by beating Espanyol four-two, the twenty-seventh title in the history of the Catalan team since the start of the Spanish league.

The Brazilian celebrated the victory of the Blaugrana in the championship of Spain, having dyed his hair in the colors of the Catalan club.


Rakinia breaks his position at Barcelona

Rafinha, the star of the Catalan side, sealed his fate with the team as the Brazilian confirmed he would stay with Barça to achieve more titles with the team.


The Catalan team’s match against Real Sociedad is currently taking place as part of the thirty-sixth round of the Spanish championship, and the meeting so far testifies to the superiority of Real Sociedad with a difference of one goal.

Barcelona next match date

Barça will meet Valladolid in the thirty-sixth round of the championship of Spain on Tuesday, and the events of the meeting will begin at exactly eleven o’clock in the evening.


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