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Public Security’s swift action in response to Al-Nasr fan assault by Media Crescent


The Saudi Public Security Service responded to the attack by Al-Hilal journalist Ibrahim Al-Salhi on a fan of the Saudi Al-Nasr club during the confrontation between Al-Hilal and At-Taawon.

The Blue Leader met with his colleague, the cooperation team, the day before yesterday, on Friday, as part of the twentieth round of the championship. Saudi League Roshan for professionals.

And a video from the stands of the stadium circulated on social media, in which sports journalist Ibrahim Al-Sali, owned by the blue leader, attacks a fan in a victory jersey.

Public Security responds to media crescent attack on Al-Nasr fan

crescent audience

The General Security Service quickly responded to the calls made, calling for speedy intervention in the bad scene involving the attack of Ibrahim Al-Salhi on an Al-Alami fan, and when one of the organizers of the match tried to interfere with him, he also attacked him.

Nasravi’s media and his fans stood up for the fan who owned the aforementioned incident, demanding an investigation, in addition to Al-Sali’s insistence on pulling the fan out of his shirt to get him out of the stands.

In the same context, the General Security Service issued an official statement confirming that the police of the Qasim region, in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports, had already started collecting assumptions about the incident.

Al Nasr fan kicked out

In addition, Al-Moshagi and Al-Salihi were transferred to the prosecutor’s office to investigate the incident, clarify all the circumstances and make a final decision on the punishment of the offender on both sides.

It is worth noting that Asfar Riyadh is in second place in the Roshan League standings with 46 points, while the Blue Leader is in fourth place with 36 points.


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