Proposing Measures Against Saudi League Clubs Following the Incident Involving Mohamed Salah

    Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan has submitted a proposal to the English Premier League to ban any transfers to Saudi Arabia after the European transfer window closes, citing what happened to Mohamed Salah.

    The Egyptian star caused concern for his English club Liverpool during the summer transfers after the Jeddah Federation made an offer of up to £150 million for his inclusion, but the Reds rejected the offer and kept Salah in the squad.

    Jordan wrote in the Daily Mail: “Premier League chairman Richard Masters recently commented that we shouldn’t worry about the Saudis coming. He’s wrong. Of course we should be worried!”

    He added: “It was stupid of Masters to say that because the Saudis could easily destabilize football. If they continue to pay staggering wages that the world’s biggest clubs cannot afford, it will inevitably have a negative impact on the economy.” other leagues.”

    He stressed: “We therefore need to start laying down some ground rules for our clubs. One of the ground rules that can be easily implemented is to prevent English clubs from trading with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after the European transfer period closes.”

    He continued: “This is common sense and something that the management of the English Premier League must be willing to prove in the future, despite the coming changes in our increasingly globalized society.”

    Jordan continued: “This will end the farce we saw last week around Mohamed Salah and the fear Liverpool had of losing their star in this way.”

    Pointing out: “I don’t know whether it was due to ignorance, arrogance, naivety or sheer showmanship on the part of the Saudis, but it irritated Liverpool and a repeat of it can easily be prevented by introducing this simple measure. »

    The Saudi League made 277 new deals in the latest summer transfer market, including 69 players from European clubs, for a total of €957 million, of which a quarter of a billion pounds went to English clubs.

    Source: “Media”

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