Preparation for Massacre in Zamalek by Mortada Mansour

    An official source in Zamalek announced the decision of the president of the club, Mortada Mansour, to leave some players from the team at the end of the current season.

    A source said in a statement to Kooor: “Mortada Mansour has asked the football management to prepare a full report on the team’s players, which includes an assessment of each player individually.”

    He added: “Mortada has confirmed that there are players who will leave at the end of the season and recent additions will be looked at and possibly some new deals will be made.”

    And concluded: “Zamalek will return his cards again and any negligent player will be held accountable, and fees are currently suspended due to poor performance and results.”

    Mortada Mansour was released from prison on Sunday after the expiration of his sentence, confirmed by the Court of Cassation, in which he was imprisoned for a month with work, on charges of insulting and slandering the president of the Egyptian club Al-Ahly. , Mahmoud Al-Khatib.

    Source: Koora

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