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Premier League News: Manchester United is a “better buy” than Liverpool for investors, says Neville.


According to former Red Devils defender Gary Neville, Manchester United are a “better buy” than Liverpool for potential investors and will generate more interest.

Two of England’s most successful clubs are on the market, with US owners United and Liverpool open to offers.

The Glazer family have been in charge of United since 2005, while the Americans from Fenway Sports Group have owned Liverpool since 2010.

Liverpool may have had far more success than United in the past decade, but Neville insists his former team will be seen as a more attractive club to buy.

“I don’t want to disrespect Liverpool at all because they are a huge football club,” Neville told Sky Sports.

“When you look at the height of English football, when it comes to looking at numbers, fans and commercial revenues, it’s Manchester United and Liverpool at the very top.

“Forget about Manchester City at this point in time to get a higher income. By traditional means, United and Liverpool are the country’s two biggest clubs by the mile.

United will be more in demand and will sell for a higher price than Liverpool. If Liverpool don’t sort things out, I think they’ll have to wait a bit.

“I think buyers will go to Manchester United first, unless there is a Liverpool fan who is very wealthy and loyal to Liverpool somewhere.

“But I think that if you were looking at both assets at the same time, you would choose Manchester United and that is not my bias as a Manchester United fan.

Forbes values ​​United at $4.6bn (£3.8bn) and Liverpool at $4.45bn (£3.68bn) and Neville is adamant they can continue bring in more income.

“Right now, Liverpool are in the best position on and off the pitch, but you can’t deny the scale of United,” said Neville, who has played over 600 games for United.

“If you look at commercial earnings, Manchester United as an asset is a better buy.

“I think the owner will think that if Manchester United get it right on and off the pitch and Liverpool get it right on and off the pitch, Manchester United will be bigger.”


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