Premier League News: Jota out of World Cup with calf injury

    Diogo Jota will miss the World Cup with a ‘quite serious’ calf injury in Liverpool’s game against Manchester City.

    The Portuguese was carried away on a stretcher during stoppage time at Anfield on Sunday.

    He seemed overstretched and clearly feared the worst in the near future.

    The news is bad for Jota, Portugal and Liverpool, whose upcoming games he will also inevitably miss.

    “This is really bad news. Yes, he will miss the World Cup,” Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp said at a press conference on Tuesday.

    “This is a pretty serious injury, calf muscle. Now we need to recover. The process starts like this. This is the first diagnosis that was pretty clear.

    “This is very sad news for the boy, for us and for Portugal.”

    Klopp said that Hota would not need surgery for the injury, but that “we’re talking about months” in terms of his dismissal.

    “I don’t want to call it a number. Yes, it will be a long time,” Klopp said.

    He explained that Jota had taken the news stolidly.

    “This is Diogo, and so far he is surprisingly fine. He is an incredibly smart boy and very thoughtful. I think he knew it when we carried him off the pitch,” Klopp added.

    “When I came out, we overtook each other after the game and he expected what would happen. I think at that moment he realized that this was serious and could greatly affect his dreams of the World Cup.

    An injury to Jota left Liverpool missing another key attacking player, with Luis Diaz already out before the end of the World Cup.

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