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Premier League News: Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure is not a problem for potential Manchester United buyers, according to a financial expert.


The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo will not be a problem for potential buyers of Manchester United, according to football finance expert Kieran Maguire.

The Portuguese striker left the Red Devils by mutual agreement after a disappointing homecoming with Old Trafford.

Having been the face of the club since his return last year, Ronaldo abruptly says goodbye – though likely in line with Eric ten Hag’s vision for the club – United are losing one of their former assets as the Glazer family contemplates a sale.

But speaking to Stats Perform, Maguire doesn’t think his departure will be a stumbling block for would-be takeover investors, especially from a commercial standpoint.

“[The] the club is more than a player,” he said. “Cristiano Ronaldo thought he was more than a club. His management teams were more concerned with his association with the brand than with Manchester United products.

“Success at Manchester United has not been for many years. If you have Ronaldo on the back of your shirt, it simply means that you have moved from [Marcus] Rashford or [Bruno] Fernandez.

“You will still be one Manchester United shirt. [even without Ronaldo]you’re just going to go and change a little from behind.”

The news that the Glazer family, which for a long time opposed by most of the fans, is selling the club, was greeted with open arms by the fans.

Maguire believes it has been a prosperous period for them, if not for the club, and that he understands the frustration of those who follow United.

“I think we see an opportunity for some of the legacy owners to walk away with a good profit,” he added. “They can walk away with a significant initial investment multiplier.

“[But] when they acquired the club, they really put it in financial danger.[Also[whenaclubisnolongersuccessfulyoulookforscapegoats[Также[когдаклубперестаетбытьуспешнымвыищетекозловотпущения[Also[whenaclubisnolongersuccessfulyoulookforscapegoats

“Glazers are lightning rods. They are not historically associated with Manchester. Their relationship was purely financial.

However, Maguire admits success on the pitch would paint a different picture, adding: “If Manchester United had won the Premier League four of the last five years…I’m not saying the fans are fickle, but the fans are fickle.”


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