Premier League News: Bernardo Silva slams referee for missing Manchester City goal

    Bernardo Silva believes Manchester City should not have scored in Sunday’s loss to Liverpool as the midfielder criticized referee Anthony Taylor for lack of consistency.

    City suffered their first league defeat of the season in a 1-0 loss at Anfield with Mohamed Salah scoring a brilliant goal in the second half.

    Before that, Phil Foden’s goal was annulled after watching VAR, and referee Taylor was strongly advised to watch the replay on the monitor near the field – due to the fact that Erling Haaland tugged on Fabinho’s jersey during the preparation for the game, the kick was deflected.

    It ended up costing the champions a point, and Silva was particularly unhappy with Taylor’s decision given the way he had refereeed the game up until that point.

    He told Sky Sports: “We expect referees to be consistent in their decisions.

    “When you go through the path without whistling little contacts throughout the game, you need to stick to those decisions and keep going like that.

    “If you want to whistle everyone, whistle everyone, but if from the very beginning of the game you don’t whistle all the small fouls, and we saw in this game that the referee let us play, and that’s good, that’s great.

    “Then if there is a target, you cannot whistle into that soft one.

    “If you want consistency from a judge, you can’t change just because there’s a goal and just because it’s a difficult decision.

    “You have to make a difficult decision and keep the goal in my opinion.”

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