Premier League News: Alexander-Arnold ‘will be the best player’ to criticize, Aldridge says

    Trent Alexander-Arnold will get through a difficult start to this season and “become the best player for it.”

    That’s the opinion of former Liverpool striker John Aldridge, who spoke about Alexander-Arnold’s recent struggle in an exclusive interview with Stats Perform.

    The right-back’s performances have been under scrutiny since the start of the campaign after a series of lackluster defensive performances.

    Alexander-Arnold had already faced a battle to qualify for England’s World Cup squad before contributing to Liverpool’s disappointing results.

    Three Lions manager Gareth Southgate did not use Alexander-Arnold in the September internationals as he explained that teammate Kieran Trippier was “all-around playing up front”.

    Until this season, Alexander-Arnold’s club form has been at least stable and Aldridge is confident he will be back at his best soon.

    “You’re looking at one of the best cornerbacks in the world,” Aldridge told Stats Perform. “Attacking wisely, [he is] The best cornerback in the world without a doubt.

    – He’s a local guy. He is focused. He just needs to learn a little about the defensive duties he has.

    “But he needs to be allowed to do what he does and in my opinion he has been let down by the players in front of him and the midfield who are not covering him this year.

    “So it’s not entirely his fault, but he seems to have been pointed at all the time, and what Gareth Southgate did to him, I don’t think it did him any good.

    “He’s a young guy, it’s the first time he’s been through something like this. Everything about him was rosy.

    “And you have to learn how to combine roughness with smoothness in football and he will come out of it and he will become a better player.”

    Alexander-Arnold could still travel to Qatar with England next month as Kyle Walker and Rhys James are both injured.

    Aldridge added: “I think Reece James is out of the game right now. Will he take Trent? If he doesn’t take him then he’s not the manager I thought he was and I think he did a very good job for England, Gareth.

    “From my personal point of view, I will be selfish and say that I hope he does not leave. But if he wants to leave, I hope he will go.”

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