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Pique’s involvement did not contribute to Barcelona’s championship victories


Spanish prosecutors have opened a corruption case against Barcelona over allegations of payments to a company owned by José María Enríquez Negrera, the former deputy chairman of the refereeing committee.

Spanish newspaper El Pais reported last month that Negro affiliated Dasnel 95 SL provided Barcelona with written reports and scores on a pre-match DVD of referees.

Real Madrid have said they are ready to face any court as part of the investigation, and Meringue’s board of directors have said they are fearful of the allegations against rival Barcelona.

Referee dive did not help Barcelona in his titles

Which angered Piquet and pushed him to provide for his team, while he himself denied any external reasons for the success achieved by Barcelona.

And former Barcelona captain Gerard Pique confirmed that the team achieved all their titles and crowns honestly and honestly, without the presence of any outside help that led to this.

And the former international judged Pique on his position and the fact that he knew nothing about the money paid to a private company for Negrera, the former vice chairman of the refereeing committee, during his 14 years at Barcelona.

Piqué spoke to RAC1 and said: “I’m sure Barcelona didn’t buy referees. If you want to buy a referee, it’s easy and you pay him directly with black money, not by paying vice.” “.

He explained, “The players don’t know, I don’t know if this guy’s work helps with that, but as players we were out of it.”

“Regardless of the amount of distortion, it was a golden age,” the player continued.

And Piqué concluded: “It’s not just about the titles we won, but how we won them. Everything can be reviewed. We were the ones who had the advantage, we didn’t depend on the judges.”


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