Piqué suggests Messi could thrive in MLS or Barça: Which is a better choice for the PSG superstar?

    Lionel Messi could throw in the towel from his European career and play out his MLS days, but if he returns to Barcelona next season, it will be nice for people.

    That’s the verdict of Gerard Pique, Messi’s longtime former Barcelona teammate, who, like everyone else, is interested in the great Argentine’s next move.

    His two-year contract with Paris Saint-Germain is coming to an end as he joined the French club when Barcelona were mired in a financial crisis and could not keep him.

    Turning 36 in June, his World Cup performances for Argentina, as well as a number of excellent performances at the club, indicate that he can continue to play at a high level.

    MLS club Inter Miami have also been big fans of Messi and seem ready to offer him a trip to the United States.

    “Only Leo knows his future,” Piqué told Spanish broadcaster RAC 1. “He won the World Championship, which was his big dream and the title he had left to win. He won it, and now no one can doubt that he is the best in history.

    “What he decides will depend on where he can find happiness and whether he wants to continue competing at the highest level.”

    Defender Piqué retired in November, starting his first-team career at Barça in 2008 and becoming the backbone of the team.

    Messi has often won matches, helping players like Piqué become serial trophy collectors.

    “If he continues to be motivated, the most normal thing for him is to stay in Europe, and here Barça can enter into his plans,” Piqué said.

    “If he puts his hands up and says he’s had enough, maybe he’ll go to the MLS. If he returned [to Barcelona]it would be incredible for all the fans.”

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