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Perez sends a strong message to Real Madrid fans


Pérez addresses Real Madrid fans Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, made an appeal to the club’s fans during a press conference to launch the book The Fourteenth.

Real Madrid is currently going through a fluctuating level, especially after losing first place in the Spanish league, widening the gap between leaders Barcelona and Barcelona to five points, and losing the Spanish league title.

It is worth noting that last night Real Madrid drew against Real Sociedad in the nineteenth round of the championship of Spain, bringing their score to 42 points and finishing second in the La Liga table.

Perez sends a strong message to Real Madrid fans

Florentino Perez said at today’s press conference: “Real Madrid gives people an energy of hope that makes them feel like the world is a better place.

He continued: “The combination of talent and dedication of our players, manager and fans has once again turned the Bernabéu into a magical land where fans have seen their dreams come true.

And he continued: “Five Champions League victories in nine years give us the courage to say that we are the best club in the twenty-first century.

He continued: “Over our 120-year history, we have witnessed events that solidified the legend of Real Madrid and united thousands of fans around our universal values.

And he added: “These values ​​explain the magical nights at the Bernabeu. Real Madrid never give up. This is an explanation for what happened last season with players who feel compelled to wear this jersey and live up to the values ​​that make up our identity.

And he concluded: “Everything that we have witnessed has happened thanks to the passion and unity of the entire Madrid family, which supported the team in the most difficult moments.


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