Paul Barber: ‘Summer football will provide different challenge’

    Paul Barber thinks some players might suffer, and safeguards need to be embraced to ensure the new schedule is fair for all.

    Summer football will provide a new obstacle to some Premier League players and will need extra procedures in order to be successful, according to Brighton chief executive Paul Barber

    Top-flight clubs have actually resumed non-contact training with a view to resuming matches next month and playing out the rest of the campaign through the hottest duration of the year.

    And while international stars will have a lot of experience of the heat, Barber thinks some players might suffer, and safeguards need to be embraced to ensure the new schedule is fair for all.

    Premier League stars remain in for a heated duration of action (NIck Potts/PA)

    Barber stated: “I think we’ll definitely be taking a look at all the physiological difficulties and needs that players are going to be under playing in warmer months.

    ” I would think of that beverages breaks will be a routine function of matches, and definitely in regards to the way players train, and the duration for which they train, will modification. I make certain that will be factored in.

    ” However the great thing nowadays is the quantity of competence that’s around us– strength and conditioning coaches, nutritional experts, medical personnel. They are all very extremely trained, so I would anticipate them to be taking all these things into factor to consider.

    Leading stars like Roberto Firmino are dealing with a busy summer (Peter Byrne/PA)

    “A lot of the players in the Premier League are full internationals and they play tournaments in summer. But clearly other players won’t be used to that. That’s when we’ll need to use the experts around them.”

    On The Other Hand, Barber has actually declined to commit to the recommendation that the Premier League might be broadened in the event of its failure to finish the campaign, by ditching transfer and promoting the leading clubs from the Championship.

    Clubs like Leeds and West Brom will anticipate the right to promo while those at the bottom of the Premier League table are not likely to accept being changed in the top-flight if the Championship season is not concluded.

    Leeds would take advantage of a prospective Premier League growth (Tim Goode/PA)

    Barber added: “That’s absolutely one for the Premier League and EFL. I think we’re all very mindful of the need to finish the season for the very best possible sporting result, both in the Premier League and Championship.

    ” However we’re likewise familiar with the difficulties that all of us deal with. It’s hard for me to discuss a broadened Premier League.

    ” Plainly extra games is great, however not if the season is currently condensed. And obviously you have actually got all the difficulties of European fixtures and 2 cup competitions.

    “But equally we all want the best possible sporting outcome. At the moment we’re very much focused on getting players back to training and then to the next stage.”

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