Overcoming the Obstacles of Victory with Cristiano Ronaldo on Board

    After the inclusion of Cristiano Ronaldo, the former head of the Muhammed Al-Qasim co-op spoke about the real problem of Saudi Arabia’s victory in the current period, especially after the fluctuation in the level of the team in various tournaments.

    Saudi club Al-Nasr are preparing to face their top rivals tomorrow night, Friday, in the 24th round of the Saudi Roshen League at the Aval Park stadium.

    Ranking of Al-Ittihad and Al-Nasr in Saudi League Roshan

    Al-Nasr are second in the Saudi League Roshan with 53 points.

    The real challenge of winning after the inclusion of Cristiano Ronaldo.. Read More

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Al-Qasim said on the Sport Scope: “There is a problem with decision-making, not decision-making. The victory has recently been controlled from behind the walls of the stadium.

    And in conclusion, the former president of the At-Taawon club said: “What is happening at Al-Nasr is unnatural and not only technical issues, and the urgent solution to the global crisis lies first in the coach, and then in a frank session with players. especially since I see that there is a problem and disagreement between the players and the dressing room, and the ball is now in the players’ court.

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