Orlando City coach Oscar Pareja asks motivational speakers to help Lions focus on gratitude


Orlando City coach Oscar Pareja has actually scheduled motivational speakers to consult with the Lions during the coronavirus shutdown. (Stephen M. Dowell/Orlando Guard).

Orlando City coach Oscar Pareja desires his players to focus on something during the MLS shutdown due to coronavirus– gratitude.

During the past 4 weeks of the MLS training moratorium, Pareja has actually collaborated a weekly series of motivational speakers to help his players focus on their spiritual and psychological health off the pitch.

Among those speakers was Rebekah Gregory, a survivor of the Boston Marathon battle. After losing her leg to the terrorist attack in 2013, Gregory has actually ended up being a public speaker with the goal of “encouraging people to turn their obstacles into opportunities.”

Pareja welcomed Gregory to speak to the team about how to psychologically react to being rooted out by a crisis. He felt her story assisted his players to focus on optimism during the pandemic.

“It has been phenomenal for us just to hear these stories now that we have the time, and the players have enjoyed it a lot,” Pareja stated. “It has helped the group to understand how blessed we are to have the job we have and being healthy and having our family. I want to look around and recognize the value of the things that before we didn’t value that much.”

Pareja stated the team primarily includes 2 kinds of players– those with young households and those who are songs and live alone. For the players with households, this time has actually been rather much easier. Days go quicker with young children to care for, and Pareja stated a lot of these players– such as Alex DeJohn, who invited his first kid during the preseason– are treasuring time with their households.

For players who live alone, nevertheless, the days feel slower and the time is harder to fill. These are the players who Pareja thinks specifically gain from speakers and other types of assistance through the club.

The coach stated it is essential to stay concentrated on keeping his players’ psychological health along with physical conditioning.

“We’re not on vacation,” Pareja stated. “We’re getting through a crisis.”

Without any date set for MLS to resume play, Pareja stated the coaching personnel sets various goals weekly. Players are urged to stay on their in-season everyday schedule– which normally begins with breakfast at the team training center around 7: 30 a.m.– and they are offered routines to keep their physical fitness.

These training regimens focus on keeping the lower-body power that strength and conditioning coach Fabian Bazan had actually dealt with players to develop throughout the preseason.

Nevertheless, Pareja knows it’s impractical to anticipate his players to return at full speed. After weeks of grueling sessions– often 3 in one day– during the preseason, the coach stated the team will be charged with reconstructing that physical fitness when play resumes.

“There will be things we will all lose in this period,” Pareja stated. “That’s no doubt. Nothing can simulate the competition, for example. The competition just gives you the endurance and the persistence for the body that you cannot simulate anywhere else.”

For the Lions, there is a small silver lining to the moratorium– numerous hurt players have actually been able to total their recovery without missing out on any extragames Pareja stated striker Dom Dwyer is “ready to go at this point” and will return to dealing with the remainder of the team whenever training resumes.

Midfielder Uri Rosell likewise has actually totally recuperated from a fine-tuned groin that required him to miss out on the team’s lastgame Pareja stated he attempts to bask in these little success.

Pareja still structures his day the exact same way he did during the routine season — getting active in the early morning, convening in the afternoons, investing the night with his partner and a book. Pareja stated he’s invested hours seeing every opponent’s first 2 matches of the 2020 season, in addition to examining Orlando City games from 2019.

The coach stated he takes delight when players connect stating they miss out on whatever about the game– even, he added with a laugh, his in-depth movie sessions.

When he talks to his players, Pareja stated he is continuously inspecting on their mindset, advising them to focus on gratitude even in the stress and anxiety of seclusion.

“Every single moment that I talk to them, I tell them to be grateful of what we have, grateful of what we’ve done in our lives so far,” Pareja stated. “I want them to be very grateful about the opportunity to be professional soccer players. I hope that can mentally help them to value the things that we have. So many people are suffering and they’re in very difficult scenarios. We’re just isolated at home, that’s it. We have so many things to be happy about.”



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