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Nicklas Bendtner: ‘I have what it takes to be a manager’


Questionable striker Nicklas Bendtner exposes that he plans to end up being a manager when he calls time on his playing profession.

As soon as his playing days are over,Nicklas Bendtner has actually exposed that he dreams of ending up being a manager.

The former Arsenal striker has actually typically made headings for questionable events throughout his profession, and is currently without a club following his departure from FC Copenhagen in 2015.

Regardless of his shenanigans, the Denmark international thinks that he has what it takes to enter management when he hangs up his boots.

Speaking on his tv reality show Bendtner and Philine, Bendtner stated: “Among the important things I desire to succeed is to be a manager.

“I really want to take the coaching courses, so I have what it takes. I think that at some point, before I am 40 or 45 years old, I will have taken charge of my first club.”

Bendtner signed up 45 goals in 171 games for Arsenal in between 2005 and 2014.

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