Neymar plotting Barcelona comeback through Saudi Arabia

    A Spanish press report came as a major surprise by revealing a plan by Brazilian star Neymar, a Paris Saint-Germain player, to return to Barcelona next season.

    For the past few days, the Brazilian star’s name has been associated with a return to the Camp Nou after reports surfaced that Paris Saint-Germain offered the player to Barcelona on the sidelines of a deal with Osmane Dembele, but Barça turned it down. offer.

    Paris Saint-Germain have set their sights on the Barcelona trio in the summer of 2023.
    Paris Saint Germain

    The Brazilian striker’s contract with the Parisian club runs until June 2025.

    Neymar plans to return to Barcelona via Saudi Arabia… Read More

    Neymar plans to return to Barcelona via Saudi Arabia… Read More
    Neymar plans to return to Barcelona via Saudi Arabia… Read More

    And according to what the newspaper Sport reported, which revealed the Brazilian star’s plan to return to Barça, according to sources close to various parties, to make a deal.

    And the newspaper confirmed that Benny Zahavi, the Brazilian striker’s agent, was in charge of the deal, pointing out that there is an offer to be made by the Saudi team to buy the player from the Paris Saint-Germain administration. .

    And the paper went on to say that the plan is to loan the Brazilian player for one season to Barcelona after moving to the Roushen league with part of his salary, and this remains the only option for him to return to the team. Camp Nou.

    Former Barcelona star close to Premier League

    She noted that this plan came about due to the inability of the Catalan club to independently bear the salary of the Brazilian player, especially since his salary exceeds 22 million euros.

    She noted that the Brazilian star does not aspire to play in Saudi League Roshan For professionals at the moment, especially with his desire to return to Barcelona and leave Princes Park, but this dream may push him to accept the offer of Saudi Arabia.

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