Neymar: Messi and I endured a nightmarish experience at Paris Saint-Germain!

    Brazilian Neymar, the star of Saudi club Al-Hilal, broke his silence to talk about his time at French club Paris Saint-Germain before his move to Al-Zaim during the 2023 summer transfer period.

    Neymar said in an interview with the Globo network: Brazilian: “I was very happy with what Messi went through last season, but I was also sad for him.”

    The Brazilian star explained: “Leo went to heaven by winning the World Cup with Argentina and achieved everything in his career, but with Paris he lived in hell.”

    He added: “Messi and I lived in this hell and we are very angry because we went there for a reason, but we always do our best, strive to be heroes and try to make history, but unfortunately we did not. “. succeed.”

    Neymar said: “Messi left Paris in a way that he does not deserve and does not correspond to his position. Anyone who knows him knows full well that he is dedicated to training, fighting in matches and angry when he loses.”

    And he added: “But, in my opinion, he was accused unfairly, but at the same time I was very happy that he won the world championship.”

    Neymar concluded his speech with: “As I said, this time the football was fair. After the departure of the Brazilian national team, I hoped that Messi would win the World Cup.

    It is noteworthy that two years later, in a PSG T-shirt, Messi moved to the American Inter Miami, and Neymar, after 6 seasons at Princes Park, went to the Saudi Al-Hilal for 90 million euros.

    Source: “Wakalat”

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