New protocols implemented by Al-Nasr concerning Abdul-Razzaq Hamdallah’s situation.

    Saudi Al-Nasr officials have decided to take new action in the case of Abdel Razek Hamdallah, a former player in the team, and some reports in the Saudi press have confirmed that Al-Alami’s management has filed a formal appeal with the Cup International Court of Arbitration against the decision of the International Football Association “FIFA” in the case of the Moroccan Abdel Razik, praise be to God.

    FIFA ruled that Al-Alami will pay the overdue salary in favor of Abdel-Razek Hamdallah, and Al-Alami will send Hamdalla audio recordings that confirm the existence of negotiations between the administration of Al-Ittihad and the Moroccan, in light of the validity of his contract with the Al-Nasr club.

    Al-Nasr's new procedures regarding the case of Abdul-Razzaq Hamdallah

    The Al-Alami administration paid an initial appeal fee of CHF 1,000.

    Date of the next winning match

    The first football team will meet at Al Shabaab Club next Tuesday, which corresponds to May 23 at 21:30, as part of the Saudi Roshan League competition.

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