Neither Barcelona nor Real Madrid clinch Spain’s championship title

    Things have escalated in the Spanish league and tensions have risen over the CVC issue, and those tensions have come about as Barcelona and Real Madrid backed out of the deal..

    The issuance of the CVC is an agreement that allows clubs to receive two billion 667.5 million euros and reduce
    The amount of two billion and 100 million, due to the refusal of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

    According to what was mentioned earlier, in exchange for this money, clubs will have to allocate 70% of the resources they receive from this project to operations related to their development, whether it be infrastructure or technological innovation, and can allocate up to 15% for transactions with players and 15% for the restructuring of their debts.

    It is worth noting that the General Assembly of the Spanish Football League six months ago approved an agreement with the investment fund CVC with the approval of 38 clubs and opposition: Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético Madrid and Athletic Bilbao.

    Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Atlético again tried to stop the Spanish League’s moves to activate this agreement, but the regional court rejected this appeal.

    Another loss for Barcelona and Real Madrid in the CVC case

    The Spanish newspaper Relevo stressed that the clubs were asked to do this very carefully, asking the referee to terminate the agreement without even hearing the other side.

    The newspaper reported that the judge completely rejected these attempts and decided to extend the “CVC” agreement, which means that the case will continue in the courts for up to years.

    And the Spanish newspaper added that if these precautions are taken, the clubs will have to pay back the money that the CVC company has invested in the Spanish league, as if it were a regular loan at 1% per annum.

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