Najm Al-Hilal offers a potential solution for Al-Ahly’s FIFA fine

    The star of the Saudi Al-Hilal was a magical solution to help the club’s first team Al Ahliin order to remove the penalty of deprivation of contracts, which the latter was subjected to by FIFA.

    The International Federation of Football Associations denied Al Ahly contracts for “two registration periods” in connection with the case of Jamaican star Louis Grabban.

    Reaction to the performance of Saudi Al-Ahli players after defeating Al-Kholud
    Ahli Saudi Arabia

    This punishment has put the Saudi Arabia team in a major crisis, especially in terms of preparing for the next season following their promotion to the Saudi Arabian Football League. Saudi League Roshan Pro, after his absence last season.

    The International Federation stressed that there is no way to solve this crisis even if Al Raqi pays the player’s dues and that this case will not remove the fine.

    With the help of Najm Al-Hilal, a new solution for Al-Ahly to lift the FIFA fine

    With the help of Najm Al-Hilal, a new solution for Al-Ahly to lift the FIFA fine
    With the help of Najm Al-Hilal, a new solution for Al-Ahly to lift the FIFA fine

    Sports lawyer Ahmed Al-Sheikhi revealed through his official Twitter account that the solution to the Al-Ahly crisis is to use Al-Hilal’s star to help the team.

    Al Sheikhi has indicated that the Al Ahli administration should appeal to Abdullah Atif, the blue star who has signed contracts to move to Al Ahli starting next season, in addition to two other Al Raqi deals, to Samihan Al Nabit. and Fahd al-Rashidi.

    Abdullah Al Atif
    Abdullah Al Atif

    In addition, it is also possible to apply to join the Kass Sports Court with a request for a temporary suspension of punishment based on 4 questions; namely:

    1- The principle of “active legitimation” in Swiss law.

    2- Several use cases; of which 3744 and 1880.

    3- Article 75 of the Swiss Civil Code.

    4- The principle of the Swiss Supreme Court, which established that the delivery of a competent and interested decision does not take place at the stage of the procedure, which is the current stage of the Al-Ahly appeal, but rather at a later stage, while the case is pending.

    Al-Sheikhy warned FIFA’s Al-Ahly that it is possible to appeal the decision to include players in the case, which has happened before, and Al-Ahly’s chances are currently as high as 10%.

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