movie style "Godfather"Pig’s head and a threatening message to the Italian club

    An unknown person sent a pig’s head in a box to the headquarters of the Sampdoria club with a death threat message in connection with the team’s disappointing results in the league championship of the current season 2022-2023.

    And the anonymous source attached the fund to a threatening letter to members of the board of directors, in particular to President Massimo Ferrero and his deputy Antonio Romi, which said: “Your heads will be next.”

    movie style

    And the Sampdoria administration issued an official statement condemning the move, and in a statement posted on the club’s official website, it says: “Sampdoria expresses its deep indignation at the threat that has reached the club’s headquarters in Piazza Borgo Bella.”

    He added: “The club confirms that any attack on a member of the board of directors is an attack on the entire board and his hard work in promoting the team.”

    And the statement continued: “Since his appointment, the board of directors has worked in cohesion, unity of purpose and independence with the sole purpose of ensuring the continuation of Sampdoria’s sporting activities until the transition to a new owner.”

    He concluded: “For this, the club believes that the professionalism of Vice President Antonio Romi is essential to make this happen and the board hopes that he will continue to work with us at this difficult juncture in Sampdoria’s history.

    This comes weeks after an envelope containing an empty bullet and a threatening message arrived at the club.

    And the Sky Sports network confirmed that the envelope contained, in addition to the empty bullet, a handwritten message in large letters: “This time the bullet was empty, next time it will be real.”

    Ferrero, who still controls Sampdoria through a family company, stepped down from his post after being arrested in 2021 on non-football financial charges.

    The 71-year-old has drawn the ire of fans by saying he is bankrupting the club and refusing to sell it to new owners who could save it from a financial and sporting crisis.

    Sampdoria are in danger of relegation to the second division as they sit 19th in the standings with 11 points.

    Sampdoria are 8 points behind seventeenth place, which guarantees its owner a stay in the first division.

    Source: “Media”

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