Mourinho’s Service Fees: An Insight into the Financial Details – Al-Nasr News

    The full financial details of getting the services of José Mourinho, the Roma manager, were released in press reports, especially after the Al-Nasr administration wanted him to replace Rudi Garcia.

    During a press release in the Spanish newspaper AS, she confirmed that the Nasravi administration, led by Musli Al Muammar, had decided to remove Frenchman Rudy Garcia from the task of training the Saudi team.

    He also applied for the services of coach José Mourinho, technical director of the Italian club Roma and coached the world, as well as Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.

    Al-Nasr News.. Financial details of Mourinho’s services

    Al-Alami is preparing to make a huge offer to sign the Portuguese Mourinho, and if he accepts it, the salary will be the highest in the world.

    Reports have confirmed that Nasraoui’s team offer was €100m with a two-season contract, but only the approval of Mourinho’s offer remains.

    However, there is one hurdle facing the Nasravi administration as the Portuguese coach is currently aiming to get his current team into the European Champions League, in addition to trying to win the Europa League.

    And in case Mourinho agrees to the global offer, it won’t be the first time he has managed Ronaldo’s training, having previously coached him for 3 years at Real Madrid between 2010 and 2013.

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