Moroccan Al Shaibi Player Speaks Out After Al Shahat Slap

    Pyramid right-back Moroccan Mohamed El-Shaibi commented on the attack by Al-Ahly club star Hussein Al-Shahat during a meeting between the two teams in the Egyptian Premier League yesterday, Sunday.

    After the Al-Ahly-Pyramids match ended (0–3), Al-Shahat got into an argument with Al-Shaibi and things progressed with Al-Shahat slapping Al-Shaibi hard, causing an argument between the two sides before the rest of the players intervened to stop the clash between them.

    Al-Shaibi wrote a message through the β€œHistory” section of his personal account on the Instagram website: β€œI was insulted and insulted by my mother and father in the Egypt Super match in the UAE, and today’s match (yesterday) with baiting and beating in two matches.”

    He added, “Before today’s incident (yesterday) and before the slap, there was a threat to break my leg.”

    And he continued: “This is a threat to the security of my football future in the Egyptian league and it was quite possible and easy for me to give the same answer or even more, but the internal law of the club and my respect for the officials of the Pyramids club made me avoid any reaction at this moment.”

    Al-Shaibi confirmed that the video of the reconciliation with Al-Shahat was in front of reporters and he came at the request of the other side after learning that the video of the slap was published in the media and websites.

    Al-Ahly reported on its official website that football director Syed Abdel Hafiz decided to impose a heavy fine on Al-Shahat, while the Egyptian Clubs Association decided to suspend Hussein Al-Shahat for two matches and fine him 20,000 Egyptian pounds.

    Source: RT

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