Morata provokes Real Madrid fans with exciting behavior

    Morata provokes Real Madrid fans with exciting behavior, Alvaro Morata, the Atlético Madrid striker, provoked the fans of his former Real Madrid team.

    It is worth noting that Marta (27 years old) was a junior at Atlético Madrid, and in 2010 he was promoted to the first team, and he remained with him until 2014, and over the years he achieved several local and continental championships, then after After that, he moved to Juventus, and in 2016 he bought the riyal back.

    Morata did not stay in the royal team for long, in the summer of 2017 he left Real Madrid for Chelsea, and then returned again in January 2019 to Atlético Madrid.

    Morata provokes Real Madrid fans with exciting behavior

    Morata, a former Real Madrid player, was booed by Real Madrid fans during a derby match that took place Thursday night in the quarter-finals of the Copa del Rey, which angered Morata greatly.

    It is worth noting that Alvaro Morata scored the first goal, and Real Madrid did not equalize until a long time later, and this goal was Morata’s ninth this season for his current team, Atlético Madrid.

    The response came from Morata to the Real Madrid fans with a spectacular behavior that caused a state of anger. After he scored a goal, he made his usual move, which was to indicate the letter “A” in reference to the name of his wife, Alice Campello ”, and then hid the letter “M” from his name in his hand so that it would be the letter of the word “ORATA”.

    This prompted many to look up what Morata meant and some saw that it was his attempt to describe the Real Madrid fans whistling mice at him, so he wanted to hide the “O” and “M” to keep the letters “RATA” , indicating that the fans whistling for him are “mice”.

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