Mohamed Salah’s Free Kick Woes: Alarming Statistics Revealed

    Egyptian star Mohamed Salah is gearing up for the start of his seventh season at Liverpool and 12th season in European stadiums since joining Basel Switzerland from Egypt’s Arab Contractors in 2012.

    Mohamed Salah scored 255 goals in European stadiums, 20 goals for Basel Switzerland, 2 for Chelsea, 9 for Fiorentina and 4 for Rome in Italy, in addition to 186 goals for his current team Liverpool, none of which came from a free kick.

    Although the Egyptian star has made the list of top scorers in Liverpool and English Premier League history, he faces a historic free-kick complex in European stadiums, where he hasn’t scored any.

    This is despite the fact that Mohamed Salah was a brilliant penalty taker, as he scored 26 goals from penalties in his football career in European stadiums.

    The only free kick that Mohamed Salah converted during his career with Egypt was against Uganda (2-0) in the third round of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations group stage.

    It seems that the main reason why the Egyptian striker does not score from free kicks is that in recent years he has not been able to take them.

    Salah has been one of Liverpool’s free-kick takers since joining Roma in the summer of 2017.

    But the Egyptian striker failed to take advantage of those kicks for two and a half years, so in January 2020 Liverpool fans launched a campaign to strip him of his free-kick ability.

    This came after Liverpool beat West Ham United with two unanswered goals in the 2019–20 English Premier League competition, where Salah scored from a penalty but failed from free kicks.

    After the match, many Liverpool fans expressed their anger at the Egyptian striker being awarded free kicks in light of his repeated failure to score on social media.

    Mohamed Salah recently turned down free-kicks at Liverpool in favor of English defender Alexander Arnold.

    Arnold has already scored 7 free-kicks for the Reds since joining the first team in 2016.

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