Mohamed Salah Wins Best Player Voting Despite Arab Votes Being Lost

    The Arabs outrageously let down the Egyptian pharaoh Mohammed Salah, the star of Liverpool, by voting for the “Best”, as most of them gave their votes to the top three.

    Argentinian Lionel Messi has been named World Player of the Year 2022 for the second time in his history as he competed against Karim Benzema and teammate Kylian Mbappé.

    Messi was also present in the world’s perfect Fifpro line-up, for the sixteenth consecutive time.

    FIFA announced on its official website that the leaders and coaches of the national teams voted for the candidates in the “Best” competition, which took place last night in Paris.

    The winner of the FIFA “Best” award is selected in 4 stages of voting, divided between (spectator vote, team leader vote, world coach vote and media group vote from all over the world).

    At the same time, 5 points are awarded for the first place in each nomination, 3 points for the second place, and 1 point for the third place.

    Arab votes lost to Mohamed Salah in the vote for the best

    And during what was published by the International Federation of Football Associations “FIFA”, none of the leaders of the Arab teams voted for the Egyptian player Mohamed Salah in the triumvirate.

    It is worth noting that the first place was awarded to the Egyptian pharaoh by Roy Vittoria, the coach of the “National Team of the Pharaohs”, in addition to the media representative from Egypt and Palestine.

    In the absence of other Arab teams participating in the voting, they chose between the best trio: Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, Kylian Mbappe.

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