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Mohamed Salah is in danger of leaving Liverpool for the Saudi League. More


Germany’s Klopp, manager of Liverpool’s first team football team, has revealed the club’s plans for not qualifying for the Champions League and the team’s support for the summer as it could include Mohamed Salah.

Mohamed Salah is in danger of leaving Liverpool

Klopp spoke in a press interview and said: “Liverpool’s plans in case they don’t qualify for the Champions League? It complicates things, but we are still Liverpool, a big club.”

He added: “We will have a lot of work on the next Mercato and we have to make 100% changes in the summer.”

Is Salah among the changes Klopp talked about?!

The Spanish newspaper Sport reported that the Saudi Ministry of Sports is trying to negotiate with Mohamed Salah to join the Saudi Arabian league.

Anmar Al-Khaily, President of Ittihad Jeddah, spoke in previous televised statements about the Saudi Ministry of Sports’ support for clubs in signing European stars: “The Sports Minister’s tweet about supporting clubs in international deals made us feel comfortable. We are waiting for contracts with players of the level of Messi, Mohamed Salah, Di Maria and La We think less.

And he concluded: “We are all confident that the Minister of Sports will support all clubs, and I look forward to the start of the summer period. We will explain to the fans the mechanism and how to make upcoming deals and contracts, and our management has just received its history from the federation. It is not easy to build a big club .


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