Modric’s fiery statement about the match against Liverpool… and reveals his future at Real Madrid!

    Fans of the round witch around the world are waiting for the fiery match between Real Madrid and their English counterpart Liverpool in the quarter-finals of the 2023 UEFA Champions League.

    The Royal Club meets the Reds at the final price of the Champions League, 9 months after the final of the 2022 edition, which also brought them together and ended with a victory for Real Madrid with a goal without answer, which was crowned as a result of the Champions League.

    Date of Real Madrid vs Liverpool in the Champions League

    The Anfield Stadium, the stronghold of the Liverpool team, will host its counterpart Real Madrid in the quarter-final match of the European Champions League, the whistle of which will sound tomorrow, Tuesday, at ten o’clock sharp in the morning. evening, Cairo time.

    Modric’s fiery statement about the match against Liverpool… and reveals his future at Real Madrid!

    Croatian star said Luka Modric The Real Madrid player said during a pre-match press conference: “This is a very difficult match against a very good opponent and in a historic stadium, they have great fans and they know how to press.”

    He added: “It’s time to play a great match to win or at least get a positive result in the second leg. We have to be united, help each other, we’ve played here before and done it well, we want to do it again.” ”

    And he added: “The match against Liverpool is very similar to any other match, you watch their matches, but against these opponents you already know the players from all the times you have met them, I always prepare the same for all matches, nothing special. . “.

    Modric confirmed: “Physically, I’m improving. After the World Cup, I felt tired, but I like to play right away, and not do a specific program and come back little by little. Qatar has influenced me a little, but I feel good and want to continue.”

    And he added: “I can’t tell you anything about the extension because I haven’t talked to the club yet. I want to stay here. I feel good and let’s see. I have to find out what the club thinks. I want to deserve a continuation. Whatever happens, nothing will change my relationship with Madrid.”

    He continued: “I have a very good relationship with the club and it won’t change like last year, there’s no need to rush and we’re still in the middle of the season, there’s a lot of testing ahead of me and I’m focused on football and I’m doing good job to get back to the previous level, let’s see what happens.

    And about competing with Camavinga and Choameni, the Croat explained: “They play very good roles and they have a great future. The future will depend on them. They have to keep working and learning, but they don’t play for Real Madrid by accident. They invested they have money in them because they are very good.”

    And he reported insults against Vinicius: “We support Vinicius in every possible way, I am against any kind of racist insults, and if this happens, the authorities should intervene more harshly, I want him to focus on football. , perform well and be himself, he has the support of the whole club.”

    And he continued: “After the World Cup, I decided that I would play until the Nations Cup with the Croatian national team, and I didn’t think about what would happen after that, and I haven’t decided yet, but for now I will continue to play, and I have to think about this.”

    And he continued: “Real Madrid have never asked me for anything, for example, to leave the national team, this is not their style, Croatia does not affect my game in any way at the club.”

    And the Real Madrid star concluded: “You can’t bet Ancelotti the way you did with Valverde. I would have already done my best to score more goals. I’m happy with my performance, but my football hasn’t changed much. I keep taking penalties.” area, as I always do.”

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