Messi’s return is imminent as requested by Xavi

    Several press reports indicated that Argentine star Lionel Messi, a Paris Saint-Germain player, was close to returning to Barcelona once his contract with the Paris side ended.

    Sources said that Xavi had asked Juan Laporta to bring Leo back into the team to lead the youth into the next stage and capitalize on his experience, and reports confirmed that Xavi himself spoke with Lionel about his return.

    Messi’s return is good for Xavi

    Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi

    Luis Rojo (MARCA): “At a sporting level, the return of Lionel is beneficial to Xavi. The quality and form of the Argentine, despite his 35 years of age, is undeniable. The quality that Barcelona needs in big matches, as he appeared a few days ago in Real Madrid match. For this reason, he says. Xavi regularly speaks with Leo to make it clear that the door is open for his return, and he insists on it.

    Messi artery of Barcelona

    Lionel Messi
    Lionel Messi

    Luis Rojo (MARCA) continued: Lionel is Barcelona’s lifeblood economically and sportingly, Laporte needed to win the trust of Barça’s ESPY investors and other potential sponsors, so it’s not surprising that Justi admits there were contacts with Leo at the time. the time when the club was in talks to close. By financing the Espai Barca project, Leo’s name consoles investors, especially with the advent of the Negrera case.

    It is worth noting that this season Leo played 33 matches for Paris Saint-Germain in all competitions, scoring 18 goals and giving the same number of assists.

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