Messi urges Barcelona to retain the duo before he makes a comeback

    Many press sources have clarified the position of the Barcelona stars to stay with the team next season as Barça aim to challenge for all titles.

    Patel revealed (SPORT): Alba and Busquets … depend on Messi. Barcelona want Busquets to continue, but with a significant cut in his salary. In return, Alba will receive large sums of his dues and deferred salaries next season, as this is his last season, and because of this, Barcelona wants him to leave. Lionel, if he comes, he will want to be with him constantly on Monday.

    Barcelona don’t need Alba

    Messi asks Barcelona to keep the duo as a prelude to his return

    Alfredo Martinez (OndaCero) confirmed: Barcelona don’t want Jordi Alba to continue next season. He has a very high salary. The club wants to convince him to leave, but the player doesn’t want to leave.”

    Busquets’ future depends on Messi

    Messi and Busquets
    Messi and Busquets

    TV3 specified | “The future of Busquets depends on Leo. If the Argentine Busquets comes, he will extend. Xavi would be happy if Busquets extended. Until the captain decided.

    Barça are keen to sign Argentine legend Lionel Messi, Paris Saint-Germain star, during the upcoming summer Mercato as the Catalan club wants to bring their former player back to the club’s retirement.

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