Mbappe Considering Transfer to Inter Milan for Ashraf Hakimi

    French newspaper reports revealed the position of French star Kilian. Concept The Paris Saint-Germain player from the case of his colleague Ashraf Hakimi after he was accused of rape.

    In the past few days, a young woman went to the police station claiming that Ashraf Hakimi had raped her and filed a complaint.

    And according to what the Spanish newspaper Sport reported, the Moroccan star and his wife broke up before the wife decided to end their relationship for good because of the allegations against the player.

    Mbappe threatens to leave France for Ashraf Hakimi


    French newspaper Le Parisien reported that Mbappé had said he would retire from international football if Ashraf Hakimi was held accountable for the charges against him.

    The duo have a strong friendship due to their shared presence at Paris Saint-Germain.

    Mbappe threatens to leave France for Ashraf Hakimi

    Killian is considered one of the important elements of the French team and France in general due to his strong influence in the latter period.

    And Kilian reached 100 million followers on Instagram, becoming the most followed French person on social media, surpassing Karim Benzema (67 million) and Paul Pogba (57 million).

    And Ashraf Hakimi’s mother said in press statements about the player’s case: My heart tells me that he is innocent and that he had a good upbringing, that he did not deserve what happened to him, I spoke to him about the case and he swore to me that he is innocent.

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