May 2023 Schedule for Al Nasr Matches

    Saudi Arabia’s Roshan Pro League for this exceptional season is drawing to a close, and as such, many Al Nasr fans and supporters want to know the team’s fixture schedule for the month of May 2023.

    For Asfar Riyadh, this season has seen many exciting developments, most notably the addition of Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo to the team last January, boosting the tournament’s popularity around the world.

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    Al-Alamy is now in contention for the Saudi Arabian title alongside his colleague Al-Ittihad in a heated competition as Al-Amid outscores Asfar Al-Riyadh by just three points.

    So the site shows youin joulesAl-Nasr match schedule for May 2023, in addition to standings and title chances.

    Al Nasr fixtures in May 2023

    Al Nasr fixtures in May 2023

    Saudi Al-Nasr’s first football team has 5 matches left in the Roshan Saudi Professional League competition as the team has played 25 matches in the lifetime of the competition so far.

    Al-Nasr will play 5 matches in the current month of May, and all of them will be held as part of the Saudi Pro League tournament.

    The first confrontation of Al-Nasr in the month of May against their colleague from the Persian Gulf on Monday, May 8, at the SMC Park stadium, at exactly 7 pm, as part of the events of the 26th round of Saudi Arabia. Liga Roshen.

    And he will return to end his career by facing the Al-Thai team on Tuesday, which corresponds to May 16, at 9:30 sharp at the Prince Abdulaziz bin Jalavi Stadium, in the 27th round of the Saudi Pro League Championship. .

    Al Nasr fixtures in May 2023

    And then he will have a strong derby with the Al-Shabab club, on Tuesday, May 23, which will be held at the SMC Park stadium, as part of the events of the 28th round of local competitions, starting at exactly 9:30 p.m.

    This also corresponds to the agreement, within the framework of the 29th round of the competition Saudi League Roshan For professionals, at the Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Stadium, Saturday, May 27 at 9 p.m.

    Finally, the victory ends in the Saudi League Championship with the final confrontation with the Al-Fateh club on Wednesday, May 31, during the 30th round, provided that the match starts at nine o’clock at SMC Park. stadium.

    Remaining Chances of Winning Saudi League Roshan 2023


    Al-Ittihad club outperforms its counterpart Al-Nasr by only 3 points as Al-Ittihad leads the league table with 59 points, with less opposition than theirs, which means Al-Alami There are still great chances to win. win the title.

    Al-Nasr now needs Al-Ittihad to lose two matches, in addition to Al-Alami winning all the remaining matches for him this season, and then he will be crowned the title.

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