Manchester City on the Brink of Points Deduction from the English Premier League

    Manchester City are at risk of losing points from their tally and losing the fight for the English Premier League title, which they currently lead with 28 points.

    The English Football League announced on Friday that it had deducted ten points from Everton’s balance sheet due to the club breaking English Premier League rules on profits and sustainability.

    The English Football League referred the matter to the relevant committee in March last year due to some breaches of Everton’s profit and sustainability rules for the 2021-22 season.

    Manchester City face points deduction after Everton


    According to Mundo Deportivo, Everton said they felt great regret and disappointment at the decision to deduct 10 points from their balance sheet. The league also confirmed that the matter will be watched with great interest, as in the case of Manchester City. FC, which is accused of committing 115 economic violations.

    The report added: According to the committee investigating the matter, Everton lost an estimated £124.5 million in the 2021-22 season, exceeding the three-year limit allowed by the competition, which is £105 million.

    How many championships does Manchester City have?


    City have won one Champions League title, nine Premier League titles and seven FA Cup titles.

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