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Manchester City faces Luka Modric’s threat in Champions League match


Croatian star Luka Modric threatened Real Madrid’s midfield from Manchester City, England ahead of a Champions League match.

The first football team of the Royal Club is preparing for an important match against the English “Manchester City” in the second leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League.

Luka Modric threatens Manchester City ahead of Champions League match

Date of Real Madrid vs Manchester City in the Champions League

And Los Blancos has already met with his counterpart Setiens on the territory of the Santiago Bernabeu, the stronghold of the royal club, in the first match of the same round, and the match ended in a goal for the same.

The second leg of the Champions League semi-final between the two teams is scheduled to take place at Al Ittihad Stadium, Manchester’s stronghold, tomorrow Wednesday at 10:00. evening Cairo time.

Luka Modric threatens Manchester City ahead of Champions League match

Croatia captain Luka Modric speaks at a press conference ahead of the European top-level match between real Madrid and Manchester City, explaining the highlights of tomorrow’s meeting.

real Madrid

“The feeling is very good and we have a great desire to play this match,” he said. You should enjoy these matches to the fullest. What we are doing is a big deal and we should enjoy the moment. We are very excited.”

“We can’t wait to play the match,” he added. We must enjoy it. And to work well, we always like to play in the semi-finals. We can’t wait.”

He continued, “All these titles we have won say everything about us. We are happy and proud after all these years.”

He added: “We have played in the semi-finals and finals several times. We are all confident, my teammates and Ancelotti. We want to show a great game and reach the final.”

On the legacy of Luka Modric and this generation, he added: “I think all these titles we have won say a lot about us. But we also leave a legacy of daily effort and behavior. But I think that what we do in difficult situations is very important. Our titles are very important and we are proud of how we got them.”

Champions League

And about his participation in the Champions League final for the sixth time, he continued: “Of course, I remember Zidane’s video, which talks about this generation. We are thinking of playing in the sixth final, but the main motivation is to play in this game in a Real Madrid shirt. We will give everything and during the game we will definitely give more than we think. We are on the cusp of achieving something historic.”

And about his opinion about Kamaving, he said: “I think that Kama is fine and that he will train well with us. As for his position, he has grown a lot and this year has shown that he can play very well at the left-back position. Even if he doesn’t like playing there, he’s a guy who plays well wherever you put him.

And Luka Modric added: “The football of Camavinga and his personality on the pitch is very important to us. I’m happy for him because he’s a big kid.”

And the midfielder added: “We feel comfortable when we play these matches in the Champions League. We can say that this is our competition. We believe in what we have and we will give everything we have.”

And he continued: “There are young players like Rodrigo and Vinicius who have already shown their ability to decide these matches, but the most important thing is the team. If we are together, if we fight together, one day Vini, Karim, Fedi will rise. The most important thing is to fight for our teammate to keep the atmosphere that we have.”

On how Luka Modric feels about playing in the Champions League against Real Madrid, he said: “It’s a great feeling to be playing these games against Real Madrid and we feel very comfortable in this competition. In such matches we feel comfortable and show quality, because we know that we have it. We will give it our all in the Champions League.”

Luka Modric stressed: “The unity that exists between young people and us adults (laughs) is very important.”

And about the difference between a star aged 37 and 22, he continued: “I don’t know to be honest.. There have always been young stars and there are young players who keep coming. There is no difference. Nowadays, they probably pay more attention to social networks, which used to be few. Times change.”

He explained his injury against Girona: “My physical condition and my health are very important to me and when I got injured I wanted to do everything in my power to play in those matches. I still remember 2015, when I got injured before the matches between Atlético and Juventus. I tried to do something different on the advice of some friends and came back early.


Regarding what Ancelotti said that Madrid are the team that takes care of the little details best, Luca continued: “You never know what can happen in a match, but we have to focus on all the duels, on the separated balls, these are the details. ”

Regarding the results of the first leg, he concluded: “We knew that a draw would not solve anything in the first leg. We started badly, but then we had a moment, we are in good shape, and I think we are 50-50. The qualifiers will be decided in detail because we are two great teams with the best players.”


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