Mahmoud Al-Khatib’s Health Issues Unveiled: The Struggles of Al-Ahli’s Legend

    Egyptian journalist Ahmed Schubert, a former Al Ahly goalkeeper, has confirmed that the president of the Egyptian Al Ahly club, Mahmoud Al Khatib, has contracted the Corona virus as he is undergoing treatment at his home.

    Mahmoud Al-Khatib is going through a difficult period these days due to the health crisis he is going through which has kept him out of the limelight in recent days.

    Schubert spoke on his Ontime Sports program about the state of health of the president of Al-Ahly, noting that “oxygen devices were brought to the house for the preacher, as he cannot talk to anyone.”

    He added: “Al-Khatib does not eat anything and is currently living on solutions, and there is no communication between him and the members of the club’s board of directors.”

    He also explained that the president of Al-Ahly wanted to end his post, but yesterday doctors advised him to break his fast, given the need to take some medication.

    Schubert stressed Al-Khatib’s eagerness to attend Al-Ahly’s match against Al-Hilal of Sudan at the stadium despite his deteriorating health, which has caused him to wear an oxygen tube over his face in recent days.

    He concluded: “Al-Khatib needs to rest and not talk and also not make any effort, and God willing, he will return to the Al-Ahly Club after his recovery.”

    Al Ahly Club are preparing to face Al Hilal at the International Stadium in Cairo next Saturday as part of the CAF Champions League group stage.

    Source: media

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