Luka Modric’s illustrious career: a tally of his championships and key milestones

    Croatian Luka Modric, the Spanish midfielder of Real Madrid, had a wonderful career that made him a legend of the royal club. He also became the first boy in football in his country after he was able to win many titles and championships, both team and individual.

    The Croatian player was born on September 9, 1985 in Moderci, which is part of Zaton Oborovatski in the Socialist Republic of Croatia, which was part of the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. When he was six years old, the Croatian War of Independence began. At that time, his family witnessed tragic events as his grandmother was executed by some rebels. Their house also came under fire, so the prince came out of all this tragic atmosphere to creativity and excellence in the world of football. .

    Luka Modric

    Luka Modric starts his football career

    Luka Modric

    The player started his football career early, as he joined the Zadar team when he was only eleven years old at that time and performed with them with excellent performance, which was enough for him to move to the ranks of the Croatian Dinamo Zagreb. League champions 2001.

    He spent one season with Dinamo Zagreb in the club’s youth team before being loaned to one of the Bosnia and Herzegovina League clubs, namely Zrinjski Mostar, and became the league’s best player when he was just 18 years old.

    Luka Modric’s career at Dinamo Zagreb

    Luka Modric

    He went on loan again, but this time to the Croatian league, specifically for Inter Zabršić. The Croatian international’s outstanding performances during his loan period were enough to earn him a return to his former club, where he won the Most Promising Player award. The Croatian player returned to Dinamo Zagreb and also signed his first professional contract with the club in 2005, and it was a long-term contract lasting ten years.

    He performed well with his team and became the center of attention of many clubs, and with Zagreb he managed to win many championships, both group ones.Or individual, where he beat the best player in the Croatian league.

    Luka Modric scores goals for Zrinjski Mostar and Inter Zabrcek

    Luka Modric

    Club Number of goals Number of matches
    Zrinjski Mostar 8 22
    Inter Zabrček 4 18

    Luka Modric scores for Dinamo Zagreb

    Luka Modric

    Number of matches Number of goals Goal setting
    95 32 21

    Luka Modric’s heroism with Dinamo Zagreb

    Luka Modric

    The Croatian player won many championships with his starting football team Dinamo Zagreb, with them he won many local championships and the team dominated the Croatian championships.

    Nicknames how often
    Croatian Premier League 3
    Croatian Cup 2
    Croatian Super Cup 1

    Luka Modric’s career at Tottenham Hotspur

    Luka Modric

    The Croatian international joined Tottenham in a record transfer deal worth £16.5 million. He signed a six-year contract and enjoyed excellent seasons with the team. During his stay, he was a fan favorite for the London team.

    He managed to lead the London team to the quarter-finals of the Champions League and achieve something that the team had not achieved for many years. After his performance, he was awarded the Tottenham Hotspur Player of the Year award. The player extended his contract with Tottenham, despite this, He received numerous offers in 2011, most notably from London’s Chelsea, who were determined to join the Blues and at the time refused to play in the opening match against Manchester United in the English Premier League. The London club were defeated 3-0, and before the English transfer market closed, Chelsea submitted a record offer for the player of £40 million.

    The management of the London club insisted that the player stay, despite the big offer, and Harry Redknapp, then Tottenham manager, managed to convince the player to concentrate on the pitch, that he would stay here for another season and should continue The player was convinced of the words of his coach , returned to the team and had a good season with him, so the season ended and the star began. The Croatian set out on a new journey with football on August 27, 2012. joined the ranks of the Spanish club Real Madrid.

    Luka Modric scores for Tottenham Hotspur

    Luka Modric

    Number of matches Number of goals Goal setting
    160 17 25

    Luka Modric’s career at Real Madrid

    Luka Modric

    The Croatian star won his first title with Real Madrid just two days after joining the team as he came on as an 88th-minute substitute for Mesut Ozil to win the merengue match at Barcelona’s expense to win the Spanish Super Cup title.

    Italian Carlo Ancelotti became Real Madrid’s technical director in the 2013-2014 season. The Croatian international became a regular in the team’s ranks and formed an exceptional duo with Xabi Alonso. Then he managed to win his tenth Champions League championship with Real. .

    The Croatian star showed a remarkable performance for Real from the very first moment, making him a legend of the ancient club. He managed to set many excellent individual and group records with them and became a significant part of his value, appreciated by the fans who love the Royal Club in different parts of the world.

    Luka Modric scores for Real Madrid

    Luka Modric - Real Madrid

    Number of matches Number of goals Goal setting
    492 37 77

    Luka Modric’s heroics at Real Madrid

    Luka Modric

    The Croatian player managed to achieve every possible title with Real Madrid, including the League, Cup, Super Cup, Club World Cup, Champions League, as well as other official and friendly tournaments.

    Nicknames how often
    La Liga 3
    Spanish Super Cup. 4
    Royal Spanish Cup. 2
    Champions League 5
    European Super Cup 4
    club world championship 5

    Career of Luka Modric in the Croatian national team

    Luka Modric

    The Croatian star is a historical player for the Croatian national team, as he managed to achieve outstanding results with them, thanks to which fans and critics called him the best player in the history of Croatia. Reaching the final of the 2018 World Cup is his best result. achievement with the Croatian national team.

    He was able to win a silver medal at the World Championships, something Croatia had never achieved before, and was on the verge of winning the gold medal before France eventually won the cup in their favor. He also returned in 2022 and was able to win a bronze medal with the Croatian team after defeating Morocco in a position match.

    Luka Modric scores for Croatia

    Luka Modric

    Number of matches Number of goals Goal setting
    167 24 27

    Luka Modric Individual Awards

    Luka Modric

    The Ballon d’Or is the most important individual award received by a Croatian player, given the fact that he has also received many important individual awards in the world of football due to the creativity that the Croatian star shows in the football tournament. which makes him one of the inspirations in the world of football.

    Nicknames how often
    Best player of the Bosnian Premier League 1
    Most promising Croatian player 1
    Best player of the Croatian Premier League 1
    Best Croatian Player eleven
    European Championship Team Championship 1
    Tottenham Hotspur Player of the Year 1
    UEFA Champions League Team of the Season 4
    Best midfielder in the Spanish league 2
    FivePro 3
    Second FIFPro squad 1
    Best midfielder from Facebook Football 1
    Silver ball of the Club World Championship. 1
    Club World Cup Golden Ball. 1
    UEFA Best Team Award 2
    Espn Defensive Player of the Year 2
    Best midfielder of the European Union 1
    International Federation of Football History and Statistics Team of the Year 1
    Best player of the world championship 1
    Best player in Europe 1
    best player in the world 1
    Golden Ball 1

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