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Luka Modric challenges Mohamed Salah with fiery statement


Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric has made fiery statements in a challenge to Egyptian pharaoh Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star.

Liverpool will play Real Madrid next Tuesday in the first leg of the Champions League final.

Luka Modric challenges Mohamed Salah with fiery statement

Luca said: “I’m surprised Liverpool are so far from the top of the Premier League, but the same can be said for Real Madrid in La Liga.”

He continued: “I understand that Liverpool can take revenge on us. It’s normal after the recent results in European competition between them, but we will be ready.”

He added: “It’s going to be two exciting matches and it’s always the case when two great teams from Spain and England face each other and we’re confident that we’ll qualify.”

He continued: “We know that at any moment Liverpool can react and come back during the season. I hope the response in these two Champions League matches will not be against us, but we have to be ready.”

He added: “Despite what the two teams offer in the league, the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid is one of the best performances in the world of football.”

And German coach Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool, said in a previous press statement: “Mohamed Salah has put me in to beat Real Madrid this time.”

It came after the Reds’ loss to Real Madrid last season in the Champions League, after the Egyptian star confirmed his readiness to beat Meringue.


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