Liverpool player reveals details about his contract with Real Madrid following Champions League exit

    Last night, Wednesday, as part of the second leg of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League 2023, the course of the meeting that played the Spanish team Real Madrid with English Liverpool took place, following which the club qualified for the quarterfinals of the tournament.

    The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, a stronghold of the Royal Club, witnessed the course of the match that brought it closer to the Reds, when the Agrarians won at the expense of the guests, with an unanswered goal scored by the Frenchman Karim Benzema. to finish the match 6:2, a total of two matches, home and away.

    Real Madrid vs Liverpool
    Real Madrid vs Liverpool

    The Spanish capital team is looking forward to meeting one of the qualified teams from the 1/8 finals to the quarter-finals of the tournament, as Benfica, Chelsea, Bayern, Milan, Inter, Manchester City, Naples have reserved their seats. We are waiting for the results of the draw.

    Dutch star Virgil van Dijk spoke to the player Liverpool After the match, he said: “The first half was absolutely equal and the sparring between the two teams, to be honest, it will always be a very difficult task to come here and fix everything, but you try not to look ahead, you try to win unambiguously.”

    Van Dyke
    Real Madrid vs Liverpool

    And he stated: “I think we had some dangerous moments in the first half, they landed some shots from distance and they also have the quality they like with Benzema and Vinicius’ speed.”

    The Liverpool star has spoken about his contract with Real Madrid.

    And the Dutchman confirmed: “During my time at Liverpool, I never won the matches we played against Real Madrid, so we always wanted to do it, we wanted to win, in Santiago it’s an impossible task.”

    Van Dyke
    Van Dyke

    And he continued: “It was difficult, but I think that in Liverpool (the first leg) everything was decided, and this is the most offensive.”

    And he concluded: “Real Madrid can remain calm even if you put pressure on him or he is going through difficult moments. They have a lot of experience to deal with such situations.”

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