Lionel Messi remembers his historic night and his coronation at the World Cup

    Lionel Messi recalls his historic night and his World Cup crowning World Champion in Qatar.

    It is worth noting that this was his first time in the history of playing football.

    Lionel Messi remembers his historic night and his coronation at the World Cup

    And Messi said during his speech on the Argentinean Radio Urbana: “The cup called me and she told me come, now you can catch me and touch me, so I immediately went and kissed her, the cup shone into this beautiful stadium.”

    And he continued: “December 18, 2022, everything changed for me. I achieved what I dreamed of throughout my career, slept comfortably and felt that I had done everything for the moment of winning the World Cup.”

    And the Paris Saint-Germain star continued: “Before the decisive penalty shoot-out, I looked at the sky and prayed to God that (Gonzalo Montiel) could score a goal so that we would not suffer anymore.”

    He added: “I still feel emotional moments when I see pictures and videos of our celebrations on social media.”

    And he added: “My Instagram account was blocked due to a large number of messages. I received over a million messages and it took me two days to reply to incoming messages on (WhatsApp). Most liked the photos on Instagram, but people wanted to see me with a cup of “scientist”.

    And he continued: “I think if Diego Maradona was alive, he would have given me a trophy, and he would have remained in a wonderful way, because he and all my loved ones support me with strength and courage.”

    And the Argentine star criticized herself: “I spontaneously celebrated in front of Louis van Gaal after my colleagues told me what the Dutch coach had said before the match.”

    Messi ended the conversation on the subject: “I didn’t like what I was doing, but it was an automatic reaction in light of the tense and tense atmosphere.”

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