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League President Reveals Shocking Number of Racism Reports Linked to Vinicius Amid Ongoing Conflict


Spanish League president Javier Tebas has again responded to Brazilian Vinicius following allegations made by the Real Madrid winger after he was racially yelled at during a match against Valencia on Sunday evening.

Vinicius Junior called Spain a country of racism, noting that La Liga or the Spanish Football Federation did not take strict measures against the perpetrators.

Tebas wrote on his Twitter account: “Neither Spain nor La Liga are racist. We in the La Liga League condemn and fight racism with all the brutality.”

He added: “Racist slurs have been reported 9 times this season (8 of which were slurs against Vinicius).”

He continued, “We are always following the owners of the facts and filing complaints with the relevant authorities. No matter how few they are, we are always ruthless.”

And he continued: “We cannot allow the distortion of a competition that is, above all, a symbol of unity between peoples, where more than 200 (black) players in 42 clubs every day receive the respect and affection of all fans.”

“Being very specific racism (9 cases), we will eradicate it,” concluded Javier Tebas.

The referee of the match between Valencia and Real Madrid received the most famous red card in the face of Vinicius in the seventh minute, calculated instead of lost time, after the Brazilian was involved in skirmishes with Valencia players.

Vinicius also got into a fight with fans who threw projectiles at him and called him a monkey, and he retaliated by provoking them during elimination by pointing out that Valencia would be promoted to the second degree.

After the confrontation, Vinicius issued a statement calling Spain a country of racism, but Tebas responded by saying: “No one explains to you what La Liga does in cases of racism. We tried to do it with you, but you did not appear in either of the two the agreed dates that you yourself requested.”

And he added: “Before you criticize and insult La Liga, Vinicius, you need to educate yourself. Do not let the opportunity to manipulate and make sure you understand the responsibilities of each side and the work we do.” together.”

Vinicius again reacted to Tebas’s statement on his Twitter account: “And again, instead of criticizing the racists, the President of the League appears on social networks to attack me!”

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