Laporta delivers a powerful slap to Tebas

    Barcelona president Joan Laporta slapped La Liga president Javier Tebas hard in light of the many disagreements between the two.

    There are many problems between the president of the Catalan club and La Liga in the current period: first of all, the problem of Negrera, the crisis with the registration of players and the reduction of the wage fund for signing new contracts.

    Laporta wins

    Juan Laporta
    Juan Laporta

    The ARA showed Laporta defeating Tebas, Barcelona winning the lawsuit against Tebas and La Liga, the club was found to have violated the Financial Fair Play Act in the Christensen deal, the club decided to appeal and win the case.

    Barcelona penalty

    Laporta slaps Tebas hard

    In January, the La Liga Association imposed several fines on Barcelona under the Financial Fair Play Law, namely the extension of Araujo’s contract and the contracts of Dani Alves and Christensen, which amounts to a fine of 800,000 euros.

    Barcelona appealed all three penalties, winning one, and in Christensen’s case, he was exempted from paying a €216,000 fine.

    It is worth noting that Barcelona are top of the La Liga standings with 72 points from 28 rounds, 13 points ahead of their nearest competitor, Real Madrid.

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