Lamine Yamala’s Reflections on Barcelona’s Triumph over Villarreal

    Lamin Yamal, a Barcelona first team player, managed to defeat a man in a match between Barça and Villarreal, accompanied by the Catalan club, in a match that brought Barça to their counterpart Villarreal in the third round of Spanish Premier League matches .

    The Barcelona star is the youngest player to play in the Spanish Premier League after playing in Barça’s last match against Cadiz in the second round of the Spanish Premier League.

    Lamin Yamal: I’m not afraid

    Commentary of Lamine Yamala after the victory in the match

    And Lamin Yamal said after the match “Barcelona” – “Villarreal” ended and he became the best player of the match, that he uses all the opportunities that the coach gives him.

    He continued: I always try to move forward, I’m not afraid of anything, I try to play football and I always do it very well.

    The Barça star put on a remarkable performance as he led the Catalan club to a 4-3 victory in a thrilling match against Villarreal in the third round of the Spanish Premier League, lifting his tally to seventh point after two wins against Cadiz. and Villarreal today, as well as a draw with Getafe in the first round.

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