Lack of Trust in Garcia Evident in Saudi Arabia’s Triumph

    Al-Waleed Al-Muhaidib, Director of Media and Communications at Al-Nasr Club, revealed the truth about statements attributed to Al-Alami’s French coach Rudy Garcia after Abha’s match in the Saudi Roshen league.

    Achieve Saudi victory Victory at the expense of his counterpart Abha with two goals per goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo and Anderson Taliska at the Marsol Park stadium, as part of the 21st round of the Roshen League 2022-2023.

    Saudi victory
    Saudi victory

    The social media pioneers exchanged Garcia’s remarks after the match during the press conference, and he says: “I spoke to the players, but they didn’t follow through on my words, they didn’t seem to have confidence in me.”

    Saudi Arabia’s victory shows players don’t trust Garcia

    Al-Muhadib posted a video of the Frenchman containing these statements, which he joked about, after confirming that the players had returned and confirming that his words were correct regarding working with the Abha team.

    Rudy Garcia
    Rudy Garcia

    The Director of Media and Communications commented on the incident, writing: “Taking text out of context in search of retweets and interaction is a major problem. Unfortunately, social media is full of interaction addicts who cannot be trusted, which is what a professional and true journalist who respects his profession has done – a rare currency “.

    And he concluded: “The rights of the club are legally protected in front of everyone who fabricated the coach’s speech.”

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