La Liga: Spanish Journalist Applauds Barcelona’s Exemplary Performance

    Barcelona’s level in the league this season has been praised by the Spanish press as Barça lead the Spanish league with 72 points, 13 points ahead of their nearest rival, Real Madrid.

    And Alfredo Martinez said: Last season, Sevilla were in second place for a long time, Barca left Griezmann and Messi in the summer, Atlético floated away from the lead throughout the season, and Madrid won the title with almost ten rounds to go. but have you seen anyone underestimate the value of the title, as is happening now with Barça? Personally, I don’t remember this ever happening.

    Barcelona close to La Liga


    And he continued: “Blaugrana” is close to La Liga with 100 points! This is an achievement that has historically only been achieved by two teams, the Catalan club with Messi and Real Madrid with Ronaldo. Are you telling me to cut La Liga because of what happened to Barça? in Europe? Well, Barcelona have previously won 26 championships, and not all of them were with the Champions League.

    And he added: “Everyone wants to win the Champions League, but Paris with its billions didn’t win it and City did the same, and despite this, Pep’s control is appreciated locally. Not winning in Europe does not mean underestimating the value of La Liga. Everyone the head coach acknowledged that the regular league is most valued because it has 38 rounds.

    barca top

    Spanish journalist praises Barcelona's performance in La Liga

    And added: Barça are leading with just 9 own goals and 21 clean sheets, leading the league despite serious injuries and an exceptional stoppage of the World Cup.

    Finally, he said: “Truth be told, the only reason they try to underestimate the value of La Liga is that Barça will win it. That’s the only reason, this envy of everything that Barcelona achieves. They believe ” Barcelona” is the enemy and therefore they want to diminish everything he achieves and Xavi knows this first because he is an expert and he lived this envy for all his achievements.

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