Klopp’s Insightful Take on Salah’s Frustration during Liverpool’s Clash with Chelsea

    German coach Jurgen Klopp, manager of Liverpool, commented on the anger of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah during the match against Chelsea in the first round of the English Premier League.

    During the match, which took place at Stamford Bridge, a 1-1 draw dominated.

    Liverpool vs Chelsea
    Liverpool vs Chelsea

    The bout saw the wrath of Egyptian star Salah after he was substituted in the 77th minute of the match, sparking controversy among fans.

    The reason for the anger of Mohammed Salah in the match between Liverpool and Chelsea

    Mohamed Salah
    Mohamed Salah

    Jurgen Klopp said in statements after the meeting: “Salah’s anger at change? I understand that if he had scored, he would have set a new record for opening games, but I didn’t think about that. We needed stability and we wanted ready players, it was a tough game for everyone and that’s all I can say.

    And he continued: “His reaction (Salah) is ok, I would be surprised if the striker I replaced was happy and we were even, so it’s ok.”

    And he continued by saying: “The start was very convincing and we scored two great goals and one of them was cancelled. We opened the doors for Chelsea and lost the ball at times when it was difficult to prepare. It gave the game a different direction and we lost control of the game.”

    And he stressed: “The second half was more open and Chelsea had more chances, but we showed ourselves and it was a tense match for both teams. A point from Chelsea, we take it and move on.”

    The Reds manager added: “Today’s defensive problems had nothing to do with midfield. They are players with more attacking tendencies, but these players do what we want them to do.”

    He concluded: “We’ve gone deeper and given Chelsea space and that’s okay. This match will not decide the course of our season. We have to be positive.” Our team deserves more credit and I’m excited for what lies ahead.”

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